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Mellow Coffee Branding

Mellow Coffee Branding

Mellow’s visual identity has been crafted to seamlessly blend the spirit of youth and modern colors with the simple shapes that form the brand name “Mellow”.

Mellow is a coffee shop that targets young people to create trendy drinks made from high-quality coffee with the best service offered in terms of interaction, taste, and speed.

Key points:

  • Youthful and modern: The visual identity uses vibrant colors and playful shapes to evoke a sense of energy and excitement, appealing to the target audience of young people.

  • Simple and recognizable: The brand name “Mellow” is prominently featured in a simplified and recognizable form, ensuring easy brand identification.

  • Coffee shop vibes: The overall design conveys a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, aligning with the concept of a coffee shop that caters to young people seeking a trendy and enjoyable experience.